The Prelude

The revolutionary water became ill, so we decided it was time for us to start awakening each other’s third-eyes. We had already awoken the dog, and I too was awake. However, day and night became one, and suddenly I could hear the music of the universe as I felt myself extending for thousands of light-years across the universe. I was here, and there, and on the way. It was overwhelming, I felt scared and hesitant, didn’t go. Maybe I didn’t feel I was ready to see it yet. But I’m working on it…

Update 23 April 2016

Day and night becoming one isn’t quite representative of what I saw. If you look at the horizon, one would be on one side opposite the other, separated vertically. So you see, they weren’t one as I state above. However they were both co-existing simultaneously there at that moment. It was then, I felt my consciousness dragged forward across the universe. I can’t tell how far, let’s just say that distance wasn’t much of an object at the time.


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