Taking a hit from that salvia-filled bong, I pressed play on the music player. The song was Easily from the Chilli Peppers. I remember saying to my companions (Aurora, Andrea and Alessandro, all Italians) “I’m getting hiiighhh…..” and before I could finish the sentence I melted into the sofa.

It was like opening a door out of this world, and stepping right into the unfamiliar. Time completely stopped. Such a notion seemed completely absurd and useless.

There was fear in my trip. I was bleeding into everything, it looked like I was becoming trapped on the walls around me. Maybe my consciousness was expanding onto my surroundings.

I remember looking at a carousel from a distance, then being in space, barely conscious of what was going on. I was afraid, and I asked about my mother and father, about the history of our planet, and the Roman empire. The answer I received was a very kind and gentle feeling. It felt like a warm and sincere hug from a loved one, “that doesn’t matter” it said to me. It felt like the cosmos had spoken to me, telling me that from a universal perspective, that all seemed a bit frivolous.

I came back to myself a few moments later, standing, holding onto a door while my three companions tried to support me so I wouldn’t fall. Somehow, after that, I felt so serene.




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