The Shot

It rang loud and dry in the moldy air of the cramped room, stuffed with old furniture. So loud it woke me up. I was scared, not expecting for that to happen at all, as I had just asked JT to help me carry some furniture over to the old abandoned house.

As we walked into the room, I noticed that four chairs that had been grouped together were placed on top of a lamp that hanged from the low ceilings at the far left corner of the room. I asked JT why he’d put them there, to which he replied that there was nowhere else he could have placed them. I walked round the central column slightly off-centre in the middle of the room and was just about to place my load on the table, when I looked to my left, and was shot.

I thought the package I had just placed on the table had blown-up as a result of the hostility I felt from the room towards me. Had JT set me up, had he betrayed me? What could he possibly gain from this? And more importantly, who pulled the trigger?


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